21 October 2011

They're back!

Hallo, assalamualaikum.
Apa kabar semua? Harap anda semua sihat sihat belaka dan menghadapi hari yg indh dari semalam.
Saya na post harini pasal GIRLS' GENERATION. Siapa yg  menjadi HATERS tu tak payah lah baca. Nt kutuk kat belakang bagai. Saya tak suka okay!

Let's start!
Sone(s), korang tahu kan yg SNSD buat comeback kat music bank start from today (21/10/11)?
I'm so excited! How bout you, sone(s)? I'm crying infront the television b'cuz i'm so happy to see them together.
Sooyoung unnie, gwenchana-yo? You looked so pretty and healthy. Don't be sick again b'cuz it makes me worry and feels like i wanna company you at Seoul, Korea.
Sunny unnie, you cut your hair? Haha. I like it so much! It makes you look more (i forgot what to say) elegant i think. Haha. But, still you look beautiful! I like you the best <3
Taeyeon unnie, on music bank, your hair so nice. It just same as the music video. You're no longer a dorky and kiddy leader. But more to matured leader. 
Unnie(s), you'll look very pretty and stylish. You create a feeling of want to hug you strictly on me. Aigoo, seriously i feel like wanna fly to Seoul to see you. Unnie(s), don't leave us (sone) again! Please, i'm begging to you. Jeongmal saranghae-yo unnie(s)!!! Annyeong.

Okay sone, thank you for visiting my blog and reading my post. Actually, saya tak pandai sangat berbahasa inggeris. Jadi, saya na mintak maaf sesangat atas kesilapan saya dlm post ini dan sebelumnya. Send a lot of love to our SNSD/Girls' Generation. Stay as sone forever,okay?

To haters, if you hate them till death, i hate you too till death. Even though, i'm your friend and i'm nice with you. But in my heart, only God knows it well. So, mind your words, think before you say. Thank you haters!

Byee Sone(s)! Iloveyou <3 Bye Hater(s)! Ihateyou