26 December 2010

Boo Boo Stewart

Awwwh. Handsome right? Yess he is.
Given name Nils Allen Stewart or Boo Boo.
He's born on January 21, 1994 at Beverly Hills, California, United States.
Boo Boo has a mixed blooded of Chinese, Russian and Scottish.
He's 100 percent a native American boy.
Now, he's 16 years old and soon he will being 17 years old boy in 2011.
Ohh yaa, BooBoo got his nickname when he was a baby. " I always suck my two fingers and my parents said I had a boo boo face. " he explains.
Awww. mesty comelgilababeng kan?!
And now, look at him ( picture above ). He's perfectly damn hot.

Guyss, now he's MINE okaihh !
Don't take BooBoo from me.
Boo Boo can be only owned by me.
Heee. * Gatal seyh.
Do i care bout it? No, I'm not ! ^^

Okaihh Boo Boo, listen to me now.
ILOVEYOU so fcking damn much oritee.
Take care urself ya babyy. xD